Your FAT E can travel ~30 miles on a single charge. Proper battery maintenance can slow the battery's decline rate allowing for an improved range expectancy over time.

Yes! ALL FAT vehicles come with a 2 year manufacturer's part & electrical component warranty. You can find the details on our Warranty Registration page

Yes, email to learn more!

Yes! At no charge, we deliver to Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. This includes as far north as The Villages, South to Davenport, West to Tampa, and East to Cocoa.

To meet the requirements of a "street legal" LSV (low-speed vehicle), our FAT E model are programmed to reach speeds of up to 25mph.

All FAT E models come with 4 12v GEL, self-contained batteries, at no additional charge. GEL batteries offer a long lifespan, withstanding varying temperatures better, are no maintenance, and tend to be more desirable due to their overall durability in regard to vibrations that can cause inconsistencies in traditional "flooded" battery performance. Lithium upgrades are available, but do increase the cost of your FAT E. When compared apples to apples, GEL batteries will cost about the same as a Lithium set up over the course of 5 years. Email to learn more!